Here is a main title seqence idea I was toying around with.  The idea is of a pretend indie feature film starring Matthew McConaughey called Austin Texas.  There is no actual film.  Just a test.  
My wife and I went to austin for vacation during south by southwest and while there we stayed at a bed and breakfast in the hill country.  We took a hiking trip and this was the footage we captured on my Blackmagic Pocket camera.  I used one 50mm prime lens.
For the glass light leaks effect, I used some free stock from  And the music was from  The artist is Scott Holmes "October".
Below are the individual shots.  Many I had to stablize in Premiere to get them to be smooth as I didn't have my tripod or gimbal with me.  I have to recommend the warp stablizer in Premiere.  It works so well.
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